Often asked: Why Is My Car Key Not Turning?

Why is it hard to turn the key in the ignition?

Ignition keys come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the make and model of vehicle you drive. When you encounter difficulty in turning an ignition key, it can be due to the wheel lock being engaged, the key being deformed or malfunctions inside the steering column.

What causes ignition to lock?

1) Bent or Worn Key This is perhaps the most common cause of the key getting stuck or not turning. When you’ve used a car key for several years, it can start to bend or get worn out. This is especially true if you aggressively turn the key or push it hard into the ignition before you turn it.

Why won’t my key go all the way in?

A lubricant can help your key all over and penetrate into the lock to loosen whatever is making them stuck. Spray lubricant will typically do the trick. If you can’t find any, WD-40 works as well. If your key is just bent or broken, this will likely not fix the problem.

How do you reset your car key?

Press and hold the “lock” button on your car remote for one second, then put the key into the ignition, and turn it on. The lights should be turned off if the key is turned to “Off”.

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How do you fix a hard ignition switch?

Occasionally, because of this lock, the steering wheel can get stuck, which in turn means the vehicle key also becomes stuck and cannot move to release it. “ Jiggling ” the steering wheel side to side while also attempting the turn the key can relieve this lock pressure and allow the key to turn.

How do you unstick an ignition switch?

Try spraying a little bit of WD-40 into the ignition lock. The can should come with a thin straw that should fit (or almost fit) into the space between your key and the ignition lock. Sometimes, this additional lubrication will be enough to allow the key to be removed by gently wiggling it.

How much does it cost to replace an ignition lock cylinder?

With repeated use, the cylinder can wear out and need replacing. Ignition cylinders, also called ignition cylinder locks, can cost anywhere from $10-$700. More often than not, though, the cost will range between $70 and $250 for the parts and about $70 for the labor.